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charlotte Moore, gbr

Full Name: Charlotte Moore
Born: 4/2/85 (Reading)
Height: 1.64m
Weight: 49kg
Event: Middle Distance
Club: Bournemouth AC
County: Dorset
Coach: Christina Boxer
Sponsors: Asics


Personal Bests:

14  Aug 2002
Watford, GBR
29 July 2002
Manchester, GBR
14 July 2001
10 May 2000
Kingston, GBR
Watford, GBR



She set a British U13 age best with 3:00.1 for 1000m in 1997, when she also ran the second best ever for 1500m with 4:39.3.


Charlotte was 18th in the Junior Girls Cross-country race at English Schools at Cheltenham in 1998 in a time of 13:56.


Charlotte was 7th in the Junior Girls Cross-country race at English Schools at Luton in 1999 in a time of 13:40. 

She won English Schools titles for junior girls 1500m in 1999 with a time of 4:38.39.


At cross-country she was 3rd in the CAU U15s in 2000.

Charlotte has shown exceptional promise for several years, winning the AAAs U15 800m for three successive years 1998-2000 and making her junior international debut at 1500m in 2000 at the age of 15. 

She took the Silver in the Intermediate Girls' 1500m at English Schools.


 In 2001, at 16, she ran 2:05.86 for 800m and 4:23.07 for 1500m. 

She won the English Schools Intermediate Girls' 800m in 2001. 

English Schools Track and Field Championships 2001 (2nd, Inter girls 1500m) Left - Heat, Right - Final

English Schools Track and Field Championships 2002 (1st, Inter girls 800m)

Left to Right - Heat 1 round 1, Semi0finals, Final



Charlotte winning the Dorset Schools

Despite her professed dislike for cross-country, the track specialist started 2002 by winning the Dorset Schools Cross Country Championships at Wey Valley Schools on 19th June, and followed it up with the Inter-counties U17 cross-country title. She took gold at the ESSA Championships at Chelmsford in her first year as a senior girl, shaking off her international rival from Northants in the finishing straight.

Still with three more season’s in junior ranks, she elected to go to the Commonwealth Games rather than the World Junior Championships in 2002. Charlotte ran sensationally well in Manchester, improving her 800m best from the 2:02.39, and coming 4th in the trials, and then running a British Junior record of  2:00.95 in the semi-final, and improving this to 1:59.75 for 6th in the final. At 1500m she ran 4:16.53 in June and won a junior international 1500m in 4:20.14 before taking her best to 4:13.94 with a win at Watford.


Charlotte started the cross-country season by winning the BMC race at Bristol, and was second, a long way behind Charlotte Dale at Cardiff. She was second at the Junior International against Portugal and Spain in January but fell back to 10th in the CAU U20 Cross-Country.

The reigning Under 17 Champion, Charlotte Moore (Dorset), finished 10th in 24:33 her first-ever venture over 6km. Not bad considering the Commonwealth Games 800m finalist is still not doing anything like the mileage of the girls around her in this race.

At the English Schools Cross-country Charlotte led the Senior Girls. She ran an extremely strong and dominant race throughout, and came into the finishing approaches in the lead. Dani Barnes from Devon was on her shoulder, and as they entered the final straight it was a nail-biting struggle for the line. In the end, Dani crossed the line an indicated 1 second ahead of Charlotte.

Charlotte was also beaten by Barnes in running 1500m in 4:15.54 at Wythenshawe. She ran 800m in 2:02.45 and 2:02.59 before second in the AAA U20s. After her winning her heat easily in 2:02.49 she went off fast in the final but ran out of steam in the closing stages and had to settle for a silver medal in 2:03.40 at the European Juniors. She was seventh in the British Grand Prix 1500m in a personal best time of 4:13.00 and ran an 800m season's best of 2:01.21 for third at San Sebastian.

She (just) went out in her heat of the 800m at the World Championships in Paris.

Charlotte won the 1000m at the Brussels Golden League competition.


Charlotte won the 800m in 2:06.13, almost 10 seconds clear of the field, to go fourth on the UK all-time Under 20 list at a Midland Open meeting at the National Indoor Arena, Birmingham, on Sunday 8 February. The 19-year-old’s time was beaten by only one Senior at the Norwich Union World Trials and AAA Championships in Sheffield – Kelly Holmes (Ealing, Southall and Middlesex AC), who won the title in 2:01.40. The World Indoor Championships qualifying time is 2:04.00.

Charlotte was 5th in the Senior Women's 4km at the Reebok Inter-counties in Nottingham.




 2001 -(July) Kingston, 57.0 (PB)  

800m: 1998 -Gold AAAs 800m

1999 -Gold AAAs U15 800m

2000 -Gold AAAs 800m 

2001 - 2:05.86

        - Gold, English Schools Track and Field, Intermediate Girls, Exeter

2002 - 4th, trials Commonwealth Games, Manchester, 2:02.39 (PB)

         - Semi-final Commonwealth Games, Manchester, 2:00.95 (NJ*)

         - 6th, Final Commonwealth Games, Manchester, 1:59.75 (NJ*)

2003 - 2:02.45

         - 2:02.59

         - Silver, AAAs U20s

         - Gold, Heat, European Juniors, 2:02.49

         - Silver, Final, European Juniors, 2:03.40

         - Bronze, San Sebastian, 2:01.21 (SB)


 1997 - U13, 3:00.1 (NJ*)  

1500m:  1997 - 4:39.3

1999 - Gold, English Schools Track and Field, Junior Girls, Bury St Edmunds

2000 - Silver, English Schools Track and Field, Intermediate Girls, Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield

2001 - 4:23.07

2002 - (June) 4:16.53

         - Gold, Junior International, 4:20.14

         - Gold, Watford, 4:13.94 (PB)

2003 - Silver, Wythenshawe, 4:15.54

         - 7th, British Grand Prix, 4:13.00 (PB)


  2000 - Watford, 9:50.1 (PB)

5kmR: 2002 - 16:38. (PB)
Cross-country: 1998 - 18th, Junior Girls English Schools Cross-country, Cheltenham

1999 - 7th, Junior Girls English Schools Cross-country, Luton

2000 - Bronze, CAU U15s

2002 - Gold, Inter-counties U17 cross-country title

2003 - Gold, BMC, Bristol

         - Silver, Cardiff

         -(January) Silver, Junior International

         - 10th, CAU U20 Cross-Country

         - Silver, English Schools Cross-Country, Senior Girls, Stanmer Park, Brighton, Sussex

* NJ - National Junior record

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