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Jonathon Moore, GBR

Full Name: Jonathon Moore
Sex:  Male
Born: 31st May 1984, (Birmingham)
Height: 1.80cm
Weight: 74kg
Club: Birchfield Harriers
Coach: Aston Moore (father);  formally with Ted King
County: West Midlands



Personal Bests: 

18 May 2002

Loughborough, GBR

22 July 2001
Grosseto, ITA


Family Background

Jonathan's father, Aston Moore, was one of Britain's greatest ever triple jumpers, winning Commonwealth bronze in 1978 and 1982 and the AAA title in 1976, 1978 and 1981. He had bests of 16.86 and 17.02w in 1981. As a junior Aston won the European Junior title in 1975 and set a British junior record of 16.24 that year, when he was 19. 

Yet Jonathan, while still 16, jumped 16.32 at Loughborough in May 2001, and will still be a junior in 2002 and 2003. 


In 1999 he won the English Schools Intermediates title with 14.79 and then made a startling improvement to 15.46w to win the Schools International, achieving exactly the same mark to take the AAA U17 title. 


In 2000 he improved his long jump best from 6.58 to 7.45 in May and then to 7.46 to win the AAA U17 title, and at triple jump he won all the titles on offer: English Schools (15.91), Schools International (15.62), AAA U17 (15.67) and Commonwealth Youth Games (16.02). The 15.91 and 16.02 were new British under-17 records.


Jonathon produced some startling long jumping at Bangor with (strongly wind-assisted) jumps of 7.79 and 7.77. Even better was his 7.99w (+3.1) to win the AAA U20 title and he produced a 'legal' best of 7.68 to win the English Schools title. He was 2nd at the Mannheim Junior Gala with 16.03 at the triple jump and at that event took the gold medal at the World Youth Championships with 16.36 and the silver at the European Juniors with 16.43. He continued his wondrous progress with a 7.98 long jump, which equalled the British junior record and which was just 3cm short of the best ever by a European 17-year-old, to win in the Junior International against France at Dôle on 29 July and he won at the junior international against the USA in 7.93.


In 2002, he improved the British junior long jump record to 8.03 when 3rd at Loughborough and retained his AAA U20 long jump title with 7.57w, but ruptured his patella during the triple jump, and this very serious injury, which necessitated immediate surgery means that he misses both the Commonwealth Games and World Junior Championships. 

He was nonetheless elected as British Junior Male Athlete of the Year.


Jonathan returned in encouraging form with second in the Loughborough long jump at 7.51 and after three more competitions at this level, including a win in the junior international against Italy, soared out to a wind-aided 7.92 for fifth at Gateshead. Unfortunately he had three no jumps at the European Juniors, but he had a good end-of-season win at Merksem with 7.80w/7.76.


Jonathan was second  in the Men's long jump with 7.38m, just 2cm ahead of the 3rd place athlete at the Norwich Union World Trials in Sheffield on Sunday 8th Feb.

Triple Jump 1999 -  Gold, English Schools (Intermediates), Bury St Edmunds, 14.79

         -  Gold, Schools International, 15.46

         -  Gold, AAA U17s, 15.46

2000 -  Gold, English Schools (Intermediates), Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield, 15.91 N U17 R ****

         -  Gold, Schools International, 15.62

         -  Gold, AAA U17s, 15.67

         -  Gold, Commonwealth Youth Games, 16.02 N U17 R****

2001 -  Silver, Mannheim Junior Gala Loughborough, 16.03

         - Gold, World Youth Championships English Schools, Exeter, 16.36

       - Silver, European Junior Championships English Schools, Exeter, 16.43

Long Jump 2000 -  Gold, (May) 7.45, PB* 

         -  Gold, AAA U17s, 7.46, PB* 

2001 -  Bangor, 7.79w, 7.77w

         - Gold, AAA U20s, 7.99w (+3.1)

         - Gold, English Schools, Exeter, 7.68

         - Gold, (July) Junior International (against France), Dôle, 7.98, NJR*** (2nd on Euro 17s All-time list)

       - Gold, Junior International (against USA), 7.93

  2002 - Bronze,  Loughborough, 8.03 NR**

         - Gold, AAA U20s, 7.57w

2003 -  Silver, Loughborough, 7.51

         - 5th, Gateshead, 7.92w 

         - Gold, Merksem, 7.80w/7.76

PB* Personal Best

NR** National Record

NJR*** National Junior Record

N U17 R**** National U17 Record

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