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Dwain Chambers, GBR

"Dwain Chambers facing drugs ban"

"Dwain Chambers denies using drugs"

Sprinter Dwain Chambers has been suspended from athletics after it was confirmed that he failed a drugs test in August. He says he didn't take a banned drug on purpose. 

Chambers tested positive for the anabolic steroid called Tetrahydrogestrinone (THG). Drugs testers have only recently been able to test for THG.

The strong medal hope for the Olympics in Athens 2004 faces a ban from all athletics for at least two years and under British Olympic Committee rules will never be allowed to run in the Olympics again. 

Chambers, 25, says he didn't take the steroid on purpose.

Chambers tested positive in an out-of-competition test in Germany in August earlier this year. THG builds bigger muscles and helps athletes train harder. 

Chamber's last chance is a disciplinary hearing, but if he is found guilty then, his ban will start.

If Chambers is found guilty, Great Britain will lose its silver medal from the 400-metre relay at the World Championships in Paris in August. Chambers ran the last leg in the final.

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