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MIckey Bushell, GBR

Full Name: Mickey Bushell
Sex: Male
Age: 13
Lives: Telford
Club: Birchfield Harriers
Event: Wheelchair Athletics
County: London




Mickey competed in the Reading Disability Half Marathon.

Mickey competed in the D.S.E National Games in Blackpool.


In April Mickey won the 11-13 year olds Borough London Mini-Marathon. He came 7th overall.

In May Mickey won the Junior Great Manchester Run Wheelchair race.


In April Mickey won the 11-13 year olds Borough London Mini-Marathon.

"I competed in this year's London Adidas Mini Wheelchair Marathon representing Birchfield Harriers.

As I was waiting for the start of my race, I had the chance to meet Martin Johnson the England rugby captain.

That was fantastic; he is even bigger in real life than he is on TV.

It was raining just before the start of my race, but I hardly noticed it as my heart was racing.

Luckily the rain stopped as we set off, but I had a little trouble with the wind going through Southwark tunnel.

It was a head wind, and as I am so light it was a hard push through the tunnel so I lost a bit of time going through there.

I could hear the crowds cheering even before I came out of the tunnel, it sounded like a plane taking off, it was really loud! But it gave me a real boost. The wind eased a bit, and it got easier to push. 

When I rounded the corner into the mall I could see the finish line in the distance, I thought: 'AT LAST'! So I sprinted the hardest I could all the way to the finish line. The crowds were fantastic, they cheered and shouted me all the way to the end.

When I crossed the line they gave me my medal and told me that I was the winner of the 11-13 boys! I came 6th overall. Even though the course was wet and a bit windy I was very happy not only to have finished but also to win my age group again."

This year is the last time Mickey will compete in the 11-13 year olds category. Next year he will move up into the 14-17 boys age group."

"I am very grateful to The Lady Taverners and The Wolverhampton Wanderers FA Community Fund for jointly paying for a brand new race chair for me as I had been sharing my coach's chair up until then.

As a thank you I collected sponsors to raise money towards The Lady Taverner Charities and so far I've managed to raise over 2,300.

All in all, win or lose, I had a fantastic time, and can't wait until next year!"

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