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18th April 2004

Finally I am starting to update the site again after a months break. On the second day of the World cross Country my computer decided to give up the ghost, and refuse to even switch on (not helpful). I have now finally managed to get the hard drive onto another computer, and then the website onto a third computer (phew!), and so I can start to update everything. >:0D

a lot has happened in this month, including the Home Nations Schools Cross-country, and the National Youth 3-stage Road Relays. Results from these are coming, but I'm afraid that I can't say how soon that will be. >:0(

Here are some of the biggest recent updates:

  The results from the World Cross Country 2004

  World Cross Country Winners Gallery - Men's and Women's

  Reebok Nottingham Inter-counties 2004 results

Reebok Cross Challenge 2003/2004 standings

  The results from English Schools 2004

 English Schools Winners Gallery

 London Marathon Winners Gallery

 London Marathon Wheelchair Winners Gallery

 London Mini-Marathon Winners Gallery - County and Borough

 The Drugs in Sport section is due for a fair amount of tweaking, and the Anatomy section is next on the list for a major build/make-over. The Events section should also be built soon, along with a few other pages. 

  The About the Athletes section is really taking off now, but, as you can seem there are a lot of unfinished (and unstarted!) pages. We're working on it!

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